First Completed Resolution- EVER!!!

In self defense, regarding the title of this post, I’ve never been real big on the whole New Year’s Resolution thing.  I’ve dabbled here and there; had some passing thoughts on things to accomplish in a given year, but never really taken the tradition too seriously. I’ve never flung open the shutters at the stroke of midnight and bellowed heartfelt vows of self transformation; or whatever it is that someone who does take the tradition too seriously would do. Instead I’ve been content to acknowledge the passing of each year by placing my entire focus on more immediate issues, like remembering to put the correct date on checks. That alone takes until about mid-May, after which I’m exhausted. Who has time for any resolutions beyond that?

This year things are different. Fortunately the advent of internet banking has drastically reduced the number of checks I have to write and left me with a little extra time on my hands.  With that in mind, I decided to give the whole resolution thing a whirl. In true form, I waited until nearly midnight on New Year’s Eve, then in a frenzy of inspiration rushed outdoors to proclaim my intentions and embrace the resultant new era of destiny. With a deep breath and fists thrust skyward, I shouted into the silent Iowa night…

“This year I’m gonna make some changes!”

“This year I’m gonna make a difference!”

“This year I’m gonna say ‘Hey World, Here I Am, Pleased To Meet Ya’!”

“This year… I’M GONNA BLOG!!!”

That said, I raced back indoors and grabbed my laptop. I had so much to say, so much to share. It couldn’t wait; I had to get started right away. I opened a Word document and stared at my blank slate.

Four hours later, I still stared at the empty page. Somehow the television remote had caught my eye, and even more surprisingly, the night slipped away in a blur of Sports Center, Infomercials, and watching Metal Mania on VH1 Classic. (First time viewer. I didn’t even know that show existed. Honest…) A bit dismayed, I decided to call it a night. It’s okay. As long as I get something written before Memorial Day, I’ll be right on pace with the accomplishments of years past.

In all seriousness, I do have several reasons for starting this blog, and they’re all somewhat intertwined. One goal I have is to develop more of a web presence for my photography business. Also, I’m back in school, studying journalism and mass communications at the University of Iowa and interested in pursuing a career in public relations within the environmental field. In today’s rapidly changing world of communications, it is crucial to have a working knowledge of all forms of social media. Using my photography as a platform, I am hoping to gain some firsthand experience working in different media, including this blog, my Facebook page, and a new Twitter account (which I have also just opened in this onslaught of New Years bliss.) Finally, I hope this will serve as motivation to get me writing again. It’s a skill I’ve always had, but kind of let lapse in recent years. Not that I don’t have to write a lot for school, but I feel I’ve sort of lost my voice; kind of drifted from my natural writing style under structural academic constraints. Hopefully this new forum will provide an extra little nudge in that direction and the freedom to find that again.

So what can you expect, should you choose to follow this blog? A wild ride, my friends. Well, maybe not, but I will try to keep things interesting. In tying this with my photography business, there will certainly be a focus on those efforts. This will by no means be a how-to sort of discussion.  I am still learning the ins and outs and technical skills of this myself, and at this stage don’t pretend to have the expertise to educate others. I will try to share some tips and insight on things that I have found helpful, but beyond that it will be more of a behind the scenes look at what I am doing, and an additional site to share my latest work. With these tales of photographic escapades, I also plan to include entries on environmental issues, travel, social commentary, the (mis)adventures of being a thirty-something year old college “kid”, and anything else that ventures through my mind.

Of course, as a learning experience, there are bound to be a few kinks that need ironed out, especially here in the early going. These ready-made blog pages are supposed to be pretty easy to use, but when it comes to computer jargon, I’m pretty easy to lose. Bear with me. Also, painful as it might be, once classes get rolling again school still has to be my priority. I’ll do my very best to keep up with this and make regular entries, but I’m taking a pretty full load again this semester so there will be times when that will require my full energy.

Other than that, welcome aboard. I’ll post on facebook and twitter when I’ve made new entries, or apparently you can sign up for email notices in the column to the right. Again, not sure how that works, but we’ll find out together. And I always appreciate feedback, so don’t be shy. Let me know what you think, and feel free to pass this along to others.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Enjoy!


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