Make a Wish…

Ugh. I just spent twelve hours writing a paper to barely get it submitted before deadline, and have to write another (in Spanish) before going to work tonight. I thought school was going to be all toga parties and football games. What gives?!!! Anyway, I’ve got to keep at it, so for this week’s photo I’m pulling the description directly off my website. This is another crowd pleaser, and one that draws a lot of questions.

You can see this and other samples of my work by following the “Josh Meier Photography” link listed under website to the right. Hasta luego…


Make a Wish…

This photo gets a lot of attention, and has been noted a favorite by many who see it. To answer a common question, no, I did not use a mirror or other special instruments to get this shot. The plant was actually growing in a road ditch, and the steep slope allowed me to literally lie beneath and gain this unique perspective.
So… is it a dandelion? Well, I’m going to have to say no again, though for some time I wasn’t sure myself. I had always noticed these plants growing along Iowa roadsides in the summer. They look like giant dandelions (the seed head is about the size of a softball; ) and when I took this shot, it was under the presumption, but not certainty, that this is what it was. As I said, the image immediately drew attention at markets and shows. It struck a chord with many and sparked a lot of conversation. After some research by myself and curious market patrons, we identified it to actually be a salsify plant. However, it has had such a powerful impact on so many that I left a vague title alluding to dandelions and childhood fantasy; knowing that when interpreting art, the picture is ultimately whatever the viewer wants it to be.


2 thoughts on “Make a Wish…

  1. Love this picture and its perspective. And this plant is close enough to a dandelion — in the same family, at any rate, so you’re essentially wishing on its cousin. That’s got to count for something, right? 🙂

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