More than 14 days to go…

I’ve got a little bad news to share tonight, for those 4 or 5 faithful followers who have been reading every entry. I’d previously written (in the post “14 days to go…”) that my wife and I would be leaving this Thursday for a hiking trip down in the Ozarks. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to postpone. We just had some things come up that forced us to realize this isn’t the best time to go. The operative word here, of course, is postpone. Not cancel. We’re hoping to reschedule for late spring/early summer, and if we’re lucky, may even have a few more days to work with than we would have had now.

I just felt I should probably mention it here since, well, I already mentioned it here. Ironically, I was almost hesitant to post that earlier entry announcing the trip; so maybe I jinxed it. Regardless, it’s a little disappointing, but not the end of the world. As I say, we still plan to go- just not this week. I am hoping to come up with something to do a little closer to home as a substitute, and look forward to sharing photos and stories from whatever that may be.


4 thoughts on “More than 14 days to go…

  1. Oh Josh, disappointing :o( But I hope you do get a few more days to play with – May would be a lovely time to hike there! I hope you find a good activity for this weekend, too! ~Kyle

    • Thanks Kyle. It was just turning into one of those “one thing after another” deals (trying to squeeze the trip into tightening time constraints and even tighter budget) that would have made going more stressful than enjoyable. Shooting for May, and hopefully all works out for the better.
      Definitely appreciate the comment, and looking forward to finding a little alternative adventure.

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