Scenes from the Northwoods

Since starting this blog in early January, much of my focus has been on writing; often sharing old stories, and with those, old photos.  While that’s provided a great opportunity and the extra push needed to start writing again, I never meant for this to turn exclusively into an ongoing memoir.  I also want to use this as a forum for sharing and gaining feedback on my developing work as a photographer.  While I’ve been taking pictures all my life and have begun selling my work with professional aspirations, I am also the first to admit I am still learning and trying hard to improve. I’ve actually only been shooting with a DSLR for a little over a year, and while I am starting to see progress, I also realize there’s plenty of room to grow.

With that in mind, I’ve been anxious to get some new images out there (in this case, new means never before shown) and just kind of try to get a sense of what people think. What’s working, what’s not, that sort of thing.  And with a little spare time these past few days, I’ve actually had the chance to go back and sort through some photos taken last fall. I’ll start with a few from an October trip to northern Wisconsin, and share some from California in a later post. Have a look, and please feel free to leave comments if anything catches your eye.

Additional photos from this shoot can be found in the “Northwoods to SoCal” album on my facebook page, linked at the top of the menu column to the right. There you can comment on individual images, view albums with samples of previous work, and if you choose to follow the page by hitting the “LIKE” button, you will receive updates on new blog posts, show appearances, and montly drawings. If you have a moment, check it out!


4 thoughts on “Scenes from the Northwoods

  1. Yes, I like these photos very much. They are really good! The strange thing is that it is the rich, natural colours that make me like them so much I think. They give recollections from nature, in a time were so many show “nature”, that is in a sort of artificial colours. At least that is how I often see a lot of nature pictures. I especially like the trout, because you portray the fish different than most, and at the same time I remember how it is. Great!!

    • Thanks Bente. The trout was pretty interesting. The photo was taken in a stream near Lake Superior, and I saw several trout and salmon struggling to swim upstream, coming inland to spawn. This one got a bit off course from the main channel and was fighting through very shallow water flowing over a large flat slab of rock, which allowed for the photo.
      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

  2. I think the fish shot is my favorite! I wonder: did you use a polarizing filter? If not, do you think it could have helped to reduce glare a bit, and perhaps have helped bring up the exposure on the fish a little bit without overexposing the water? I’m not sure — just wondering out loud here… and of course, you may have exactly the exposure that you want! 🙂 In any event, a very interesting photo!

    • Interesting point, John. I’d actually just gotten a filter for the first time for this trip, and was still kind of uncertain of when or when not to use it. I think I left it off on this shot because it was approaching sunset and in the shade, so things were pretty dark. Could be wrong, but like I say, still new to filters and learning when and when not to use. I’ll definitely keep that in mind when similar situations arise in the future. Thanks!

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