Corona del Mar

Picking up from where I left off with photos from last fall, I have another set to share. These were taken last Halloween near Corona del Mar, California. Cris and I spent a week in Southern California visiting family, friends and celebrating our recent nuptials. It was a busy whirlwind tour, but we did manage to sneak over to the coast for a couple of hours, where Cris and her sister Kelly were kind enough to wait while I indulged my photographic passion. (Cris has been- and will be- subjected to this many times before. Kelly, on the other hand, was treated to a first experience of watching her new brother-in-law pace back and forth over this small stretch of beach, taking pictures over and over of the same scene. Kneeling in the sand, climbing over rocks, waiting for changing light, walking away then rushing back to try a shot again. They were both good sports, and patiently watched as I snapped away.)

I didn’t really come away from this shoot with any show stopping images. My greatest downfall was the fact that I didn’t have a tripod. As the sun set and tide shifted in low light, I quickly realized the potential of a slowed shutter, but was limited by hand held attempts. It was a good learning experience, though, and I’ll know to take my tripod on the next visit.

Here are a few of the photos taken that day.

Additional photos from this shoot can be found in the “Northwoods to SoCal” album on my facebook page, linked at the top of the menu column to the right. There you can comment on individual images, view albums with samples of previous work, and if you choose to follow the page by hitting the “LIKE” button, you will receive updates on new blog posts, show appearances, and montly drawings. If you have a moment, check it out!


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