A (pre-)Spring Stroll…

Although the calendar officially marks today as the start of spring, the season made an early arrival in Eastern Iowa last week. We have since been treated to seventy degree temperatures, a few passing thunder boomers, and loads of sweet sunshine. It always amazes me how quickly the scenery changes with this season. In wake of the drab browns and grays that occupy an overcast winter, the landscape explodes in splashes of vibrant green beneath a deep blue sky. Once conditions are right, the transformation occurs in days, if not hours.

I had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather this past Saturday, and ventured over for a walk along the river at Cedar Valley, one of our local county parks. It seems I was right on the cusp of transition, as in the three days that have passed there has already been significant change in the color scheme. I’ll have to try and get back there again later this week for some comparison shots.(Click on photos to enlarge.)

The Anliker Trail; Cedar Valley, Iowa

The Anliker Trail; Cedar Valley, Iowa

Cedar Valley Park

Small bluff along the Cedar River.

Early shoots foreshadow the vast change to come.

Wildflowers at Cedar Valley

Wildflowers emerge in select pockets of sun.

Turtles basking in the sun.

"Any of you guys bring the SPF 30?"

And on this beautiful day, the short walking trail at Cedar Valley just wasn’t enough, so I continued with a stroll on my family’s farm.

Rock Creek

Rock Creek, Cedar County, Iowa.

Raccoon tracks in the mud. The warmer weather delivers a new bounty of menu options to their stream-side buffet.

Beginning to bud.

Cedar County, Iowa

Walking the Iowa straight and narrow.

As always, you can view these and more of my images on my Josh Meier Photography facebook page, linked at the top. I currently have an album up (March 2012) which I will be adding to in the weeks ahead… and plan to have another prize drawing soon. Have a look, and feedback is very much appreciated!


6 thoughts on “A (pre-)Spring Stroll…

  1. Nice photos, Josh. I was very curious about the tracks in the mud, but I found out from your FB-page; raccoon, no wonder I did not know those tracks. But I know the blue hepatica flowers, and I am really looking forward to seeing them again. It is still all cowered with snow here.. 😉

    • Thanks Bente. I’d imagine it will be a little while yet before you start to see wildflowers. Actually, this is early for us, too, but following a mild winter and a warmer than average beginning to March, things are advancing rapidly.

  2. A la Jane’s Addiction…THREE DAYS!!! Totally jealous of this…I need an outdoor fix. My redbud, “shroom indicator” on the ISU campus will be passing the word that shrooms are up within the next handful of days. I drive past, day and night, and to see the transformation that has occurred since monday is literally the definition of insane.

    I know that christmas song says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” but in my opinion the tag-line applies to Iowa and Right Now!

    • It is amazing. I’ve especially noticed this spring transformation since moving back from Montana, and can’t get over how it seems suddenly you look up and everything is green. Of course I love the autumn here, but this time, right now, is proving to be a close rival. Hope you get out and enjoy it soon, Tim. You’re right, those shroomys will soon be poppin’!

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