Spring Progress…

As promised, I got back over to Cedar Valley this afternoon to take some comparison shots and provide an update on the sweeping progress of spring. Here in Iowa the pastures are all bright green now, trees are beginning to bud and many flowers are already in bloom. The transition is a little slower in the shady forests, but there has still been significant change in the eight days since I was there last. The following photos were taken along the Anliker Trail at Cedar Valley Park, and as a point of reference you can see shots from the same locale taken a week earlier by viewing my post “A (pre-)Spring Stroll…”

Once again, you can view these and other shots depicting springtime in Iowa by visiting my Facebook page. Please give the page a “Like” if you haven’t already. Also, for the many of you who took interest in my “Rock Island Rail” entry from last Friday, I will have some follow up photos and commentary relating to that topic throughout the week.


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