Still No Vote… But Another Petition

A quick update on the Iowa public lands legislation…

There has still not been a vote in the Iowa  House regarding the bill, HF 2449, that calls for inventory and analysis of market value on public lands and prohibition of DNR land acquisition, or H 8403, which calls for this section to be stricken down. I’ve been checking the Iowa legislature website daily, and will post something when/if it comes before the House.

However, I did come across another petition tonight, and would like to pass it on and ask that you take a moment to sign. As time passes, it is still very important that we don’t back away from this issue, and that we keep telling our legislators where we stand- and that we expect them to represent our beliefs and values in protecting Iowa’s public lands.

You can find that information HERE. If you are a resident of Iowa, please take a moment and sign the petition.

One thing I found interesting about the accompanying information, and quite sad, really, is how little public land we have in Iowa. Less than 1% of our state is protected by the DNR for wildlife habitat, recreation, and protection of natural resources. It’s sad, yet it’s obvious. How many places are there in Iowa where you can walk more than a mile in one direction without the need to cross a fence? How many times have you followed a trail on a pleasant stroll through the woods only to have it end too abruptly at the sight of a No Trespassing sign?

Our 1% of protected land is grossly inadequete. In this state we do not have enough recreational opportunity, and we are not doing enough to protect our natural environment.

Please join this fight to keep that trend from getting worse. Sign the petition, write letters to your legislators (and follow-up with subsequent letters addressing their responses, especially if you feel they’re not taking the matter seriously) keep tabs on the legislation, and spread the word by posting this information on facebook or twitter, and encouraging your friends to do the same.

I don’t know how likely it is that such a bill could ever pass, but I hate to think it could without one hell of a fight.


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