Peace in the Storm…

Well, things have certainly been chaotic for me lately. Between school and work and school and the farmer’s market starting and school and school, I’ve barely had time for anything else. (And that barely description is actually on the exaggerated side of things.) However, there was an AMAZING electrical storm here a few nights back, and I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and stepping out to take it all in. It seems almost fitting that the only peace and sense of relaxation I’ve encountered in the past couple of weeks came while standing amidst these vivid crackling bolts, but for an hour or so I found solace; so thanks to Ma Nature for the much needed distraction. I’ll post a few shots from that night here quick (I think it was Thursday)  and then I’d better get back to my studies. Just one more big exam tomorrow, and another paper due on Thursday, and I’m in the clear. I hope to have more photos to share and return to a regular blog routine again soon.

I’ll also post these in the Storm album on my facebook page (linked in the column to the right) so if you have any comments you can leave those here or with the specific photos in that album. Feedback is always greatly appreciated…


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