Hardacre Community Garden

Okay, so I’m actually in the process of setting up a second blog for this, but in hopes of keeping this one active (posts have been pretty sparse lately) I thought I’d share a few photos this evening. These come from the Hardacre Community Garden in Tipton, Iowa. I began volunteering with the project this spring and have quickly become very devoted to the cause. In it’s fourth season, Hardacre Community Garden is run by local volunteers to provide education and a source of healthy, locally grown food to members of the community. Anybody is welcome to help out, and anybody is welcome to the produce, but most of what is harvested is donated to food pantries, nursing homes and care facilities to help provide for our neighbors who are either in need or no longer able to garden for themselves.

The fact that this projects moral compass rests on the tenets of sustainbility has made it extremely endearing to me. While I started off with the simple ambition of putting in some hours of volunteer service for one of my classes this spring, I immediately realized that this was something I wanted to be involved with long term. So in addition to general garden tasks, I (with the help of garden founders and long time volunteers Kris Clark and Mike Boyle) have begun a publicity campaign to not only generate increased support for the garden, but to also capitolize on its educational potential.

I could go on and on about the value this project brings to our small eastern Iowa community, but as I say, I am working on developing a second blog for that purpose. I hope many of you reading this will consider following me there as well, and I will post information once it is up and running. I have also developed a facebook page, and if anyone is interested in checking that out we could really use the support. The more people  that “LIKE” the page, the greater audience we are able to reach; so if you’re on facebook and are interested in this project, we’d love to have you follow along.

That page can be found at www.facebook.com/hardacregarden

For now, though, here are a few photos that I’ve recently taken around the garden site. If nothing else, it will offer a closer glimpse of life here in rural Iowa.

Yukon Gold Potatoes.

The newest of our three garden plots.

Some good looking lettuce in the garden.

The community garden site is named for and located on the Hardacre property, which has a great deal of historical significance in our town. I’ll discuss this in much more detail on the new blog.

Based on the criteria of this being a collaborative volunteer effort, the incorporation of sustainable practices, and the driving force to help neighbors in need, the Hardacre Community Garden has gained recognition as a People’s Garden by the United States Department of Agriculture.

A nice row of onions.


More information on the new blog coming soon!


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