HCG- Wrapping Up May in the Garden

 Greetings all…

Well, I’ve been hard at work with Hardacre Community Garden, and actually had a bit of excitement and national recognition earlier this week. A story about our project (and photo of myself and garden director Mike Boyle) was featured on the United States Department of Agriculture blog, and at last check we were still running in the slide show on the USDA homepage. The piece was written by Darin Leach, who is a USDA public information coordinator based out of Des Moines. It’s not everyday that stories out of little ol’ Tipton, Iowa make it into the national spotlight, so we were thrilled that the higher-ups in Washington D.C. found ours worth sharing. You can see that at:


As for my own writing and photography, I’m still working to get the Hardacre Community Garden blog rolling. Well, it’s rolling, but I’m still trying to establish an audience for it. Hence the post here. If you’re at all interested in community gardening or a taste of rural Iowa life, I invite you to check it out. Two recent posts can be found at:




For future reference, I will continue to post links to the garden blog here, on this site, in this manner, but will predicate those entries by including HCG (Hardacre Community Garden) in the title. That way those of you who receive notice of new posts via email will know it’s a linked piece pertaining to my work with the garden, and can choose to ignore it if you’re not interested.

I hope others of you will give it a chance, though, and I definitely appreciate the support of those willing to follow along. I’ve actually been having a lot of fun photographing the garden. Everything is starting to take shape, the vegetables look amazing right now, and I’ve been getting some really good photos. It’s subject matter that I might otherwise not pay a lot of attention to, but there’s potential everywhere now that I’m really taking the time to look around.

Thanks to everyone who continues to read and comment on my posts. This blog has taken a temporary backseat while I focus on the other, but I’ve got some great post ideas and recent photography I’m excited to share, so be watching for that here soon.


4 thoughts on “HCG- Wrapping Up May in the Garden

  1. Hello!

    I’m looking for the photo credit for a picture of the Tipton Community Garden (what looks like a class standing in front of the sign – I suppose before it was renamed Hardacre). It came to us via the USDA people’s garden but we can’t figure out who took it. Perhaps you could tell me how to credit it or point me in the direction of the photographer?

    I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me and I can send you the photo and explain the situation more fully!

    Thank you for your help, and good work, both with the garden and your photography! I’m a fan!

    Mary Ellen

    • Absolutely Mary Ellen. I just started working with the garden this spring so I might not know right off hand, but will do what I can to help figure it out. I’ll email you and we’ll go from there. Thanks for the compliments, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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