HCG- A busy week…

A busy week indeed. I just wanted to share this link to a new blog post on the Hardacre Community Garden page in case anyone is interested.



This will be of greatest interest to those in the eastern Iowa area, as it basically speaks of the open house we are hosting this weekend, and asks for volunteer help. Have a look if you’d like.

I do still have a bunch of photos taken from the past couple of weeks that I want to share and discuss, but have to focus on school work and work work and garden work right now.  I have posted a few new shots to my facebook page (still adding to the May 2012 album) and I really hope to find a few spare moments to do a little write up here soon.

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer. Looks like they had a pretty decent snowstorm out in my second home today (Whitefish, Montana.) One of my friends who works on Big Mountain posted some pics to facebook and said they’d already had eight inches of snow by noon, and it was still coming down. As the temps and humidity start to rise here in the Midwest, I will cling tightly to these images in my heart and my mind!


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