HCG- A great turn-out


We had a really nice turn-out this past weekend at the Hardacre Community Garden open house. This recent post over on the garden blog discusses the event and shares a few photos.


If anyone here in the area is curious about the garden or would like to get involved, we’d definitely love to hear from you. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re pretty casual when it comes to volunteering- we don’t maintain sign up times or set appointments, anything of that nature. We know people are busy, and just ask that volunteers show up when they have the time. But I also realize that sometimes it takes that first step to get comfortable with doing so. That said, if anyone would like to visit the garden, have a look around and just chat about things, I’d be more than happy to arrange to meet up some evening and give you a tour. Just get ahold of me by leaving a message in the comment box of one of these two blogs, any of my facebook pages (personal, Josh Meier Photography, or Hardacre Community Garden) or you can email hardacregarden@gmail.com 


This garden really is a wonderful cause and already an amazing asset to our community, but we could do so much more with increased involvement and support. Please consider it and get in touch if you have any questions.



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