Back in December…


Dear friends,

Due to some heavy time constraints now and for the immediate future, I have decided it best that I put this blog on hold for awhile. (Some might argue that this began months ago, and rightfully so.) I am in my last semester at the University of Iowa, and in trying to fit everything in and still graduate in December I am currently taking a 2o credit hour load. (For context, 12 is considered full time and the maximum allowed at UI is usually 18… I had to get special permission from the Dean’s office to surpass that.)

Add my photography business, part time job, work with Hardacre Community Garden, and attempts to sleep on a semi-daily basis, I quite frankly no longer have a minute to spare. I do plan to pick up with the blog again once this storm has passed, but for now I need to just put my head down and stay focused on these other obligations.

Please continue to watch my Facebook page for updates on market appearances, and hopefully the occasional new photo, and check in with the Hardacre Community Garden page where I will try to tie some school projects in with continued promotion of that excellent cause.

And for those of you who are patient enough, please look for new updates from me in December. Once this is all said and done my wife and I plan to hit the road for a pretty extensive tour of the west, and I look forward to sharing photos and stories along the way.


If I survive this semester, that is…


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