Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park has always called to me. I passed through once as a child with my parents, but at three years old I don’t consciously recall the visit. When I was older, I stood at the boundary of Yellowstone with my friends listening to the advice of an old man, speaking of the many places he’d seen. Only one had had the power to bring him to his knees and put a tear in his eye.

“In the Redwoods,” he said, “I found God…”

And so it has been that ever since, I have felt the urge to get there. However, I feel the urge to go a lot of places, and with Redwood National Park nestled amidst the remote northern California coast it’s been easy to get distracted and pulled toward more readily accessible locales. It’s always been a “just out of reach, maybe next time…” sort of place. And those are the ones that drive me crazy most.

I finally got my chance this past December and paid a whirlwind visit to two of the park units. Despite a cold rain the giant forest did not disappoint, and just as expected the Redwoods totally blew me away. I’m not certain which I regret more, only having a short time to spend or having waited so long to get there; but as is the case with so many of our National Parks, as long as there is life left in my body I will carry every intention to return.

The following images were shot in Stout Grove as the sky tried to clear during an hour long break between rain showers, December 28, 2012.










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