Yeah, yeah…

I know. Here I am again, showing up to explain another long drought of inactivity on this blog.  Last summer it was because of work and school. In the fall, it was even more work and school. Then I ran off on that trip out West with promises of frequent updates from the road. When that didn’t pan out, I swore I’d catch you all up just as soon as I got home.

That was late January. It’s now late March. So what’s the excuse? Nothing really. Maybe a little bit of laziness, a little bit of distraction with job searches and other more pressing matters, maybe a little bit of burnout from school obligations the past few years. I don’t know. I will admit that I’ve sat down a number of times and tried to come up with a post, but  I get pretty discouraged by my two paragraph per hour pace.  So maybe it’s writers block? It seems like lately I have so much difficulty…

Alright. I just spent ten minutes trying to finish that sentence. Yeah- it’s writers block. It’s something I’ve got to find a way to work through, and carrying this guilt of wanting to play catch up with a shoebox full of hand scribbled notes and stories from the road isn’t helping. I think I need to start fresh and maybe refocus a bit. So rather than let this blog fall into total oblivion (which I’ve also considered) I think for the time I’m just going to go back to using it as a means of sharing some of my photography. As it happens, the photos I want to share right now are from the trip I took over the holidays; so in a way I will still be looking back. But rather than spend entire afternoons forcing myself to write lengthy day by day accounts (which let’s face it, aren’t that interesting anyway) I will limit the dialogue to a couple of lines. There are a few experiences I would still like to go into more detail about, and will in time, but for now I just want to get rolling again.

With that said, I’ve just finished working on some images from Redwoods National Park, and will post them shortly.

Thanks for your patience, if anyone is actually still reading this!


One thought on “Yeah, yeah…

  1. Of course we are still following you….we will never get enough of the beauty that you capture. Most of us travel and experience through your eyes. Besides you are my son and I love you very much.

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