Joshua Tree National Park

After spending New Years with my wife’s family in Southern California and a few days revisiting the Pacific Crest Trail, I made my way to Joshua Tree. This was also a first time visit for me, and another park I’ve been wanting to get to for years. I absolutely love the desert. It’s a landscape that I had honestly given very little thought to for most of my life, but with experience have come to adore. Spanning the diverse ecosystems of the Colorado and Mojave Deserts, Joshua Tree is a special place with a unique mix of plants and animals beautifully adapted to life in this harsh environment. Add bulging rock formations that glow pastel at sunset, Native American petroglyphs, and entire galaxies burning just out of reach through the night; and it’s clear that the weekend I spent here only allowed a scratch on the surface of what’s to be explored.

The following images were shot during my visit January 5-6, 2013.











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6 thoughts on “Joshua Tree National Park

    • Thanks! I’d definitely recommend Joshua Tree, especially in the cooler months. I saw a blog post earlier today that said the joshua trees are actually in bloom right now, and this year putting on an especially spectacular show. I want to go back too!

    • Thanks, I really enjoyed looking through your photos as well. I lived in Whitefish for quite awhile and miss Montana dearly (and daily!) so I look forward to following along with your posts.

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