California Coast

All told, I spent nearly a month in California. With the front end of this visit centered on places to be for the holidays and the remainder allowing time to wander at will, my route was anything but linear. After traveling from Redding out to see the Redwoods, down to Lake Elsinore, down some more to the Mexican border, over to the Salton Sea and back up to Joshua Tree; I beelined west, dodged LA, and found my way back to the coast. I knew that I wanted to give Pt. Reyes and the Golden Gate another shake, I hoped to check out some tide pools and marine wildlife, and after camping for several cold nights out in the desert a few nights on the beach sounded just fine. Plus I’ve always wanted to travel the Pacific Coast Highway. Honestly, I could give a hundred reasons for doubling back around; and if this trip had’t been such a financial tight-rope walk I’d probably still be out there criss-crossing California. That state has so much amazing diversity it will make your head spin, so what better than whim to tell you which way to go?

Here are a few of the shots I took between Los Angeles and San Francisco on my two and a half day drive back up the coast, January 7-9, 2013.











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