Back in the Fields…


Once again this year, I will be volunteering at our local community garden (Hardacre Community Garden in Tipton, Iowa) helping with both publicity and daily chores. Last year was the first I’d had the pleasure of getting involved with this excellent cause, and I’m very excited to get my hands in the dirt again. Hardacre Garden is special in that we have a strong focus on sustainability and organic practices, and donate the vast majority of the food we grow to local charities and neighbors in need. In fact, in 2012 we provided over 14,000 pounds (7 tons!) of fresh produce to Tipton and surrounding areas. The fruits and vegetables are available to anyone who would like them, free of charge, for the simple joy of proving that healthy, locally grown foods can nourish our community.

In addition to the obvious rewards of contributing to such a worthy endeavor, the garden also affords me the opportunity to connect with friends in the community and the ability to put my camera to use, sharing images of related activities. I generally post these photos to the Hardacre Community Garden blog and Facebook page, and when I think appropriate, will also post a link here.

Tonight, I think I have one of those cases. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to observe members of the Cedar County Historical Society (many of whom are also involved with the garden, so projects are often shared and overlap) planting corn the old fashioned way, with horses and an antique planter. It was a very cool photo opportunity, and I now have some of those images up on the HCG blog- which you can see HERE.

This is only the first half of the images from that evening, so I’ll have more to come. There is also word that a horse team might be used for some other garden activities this season, so I look forward to capturing those scenes and sharing them with you all.


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