Playing Photojournalist Again



As mentioned in an earlier post, I will again be volunteering at my local community garden (Hardacre Community Garden in Tipton, Iowa) this summer. I’m really excited to continue my involvement with this amazing project, working to provide sustainably grown fruits and vegetables to friends and neighbors in Tipton and surrounding communities. It really is a rewarding and fun cause to get involved with, so if you’re in the Tipton area and want to see if working in the garden is something for you, drop me a line and we can chat.

In addition to the feel-good benefits that come with volunteering, my efforts in promoting the garden allow me to get out and enjoy some really cool photo ops. I generally post these pictures on the Hardacre Community Garden blog and Facebook page, but when I have something that I think can be enjoyed by my regular photo audience (i.e., You…) I like to share the links here as well.

Last week provided one of these opportunities, as I was invited to come out and photograph members of the Cedar County Historical Society planting corn with draft horses and an antique two row planter. It was a really interesting demonstration, and I had a lot of fun trying to capture the story in images. The photos were posted in two parts, and can be seen by clicking the links below. Check them out if you want to see a diversion from my usual nature images and a somewhat more photojournalistic approach.

CCHS Corn Planting, Part 1

CCHS Corn Planting Part 2


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