2014 Calendar Image Countdown…

2014 Calendar Cover


So I tried something new this year. After many requests, especially in past holiday seasons, I decided to put together a 2014 Calendar. This decision was a bit impromptu and honestly a bit late for realizing its full potential this year, but I figured I’d try it out and if things went well I’d get in the game a little earlier next year. Further enticement came with the discovery of a company that would allow me to print and purchase orders for my own distribution while also opening an online storefront for additional copies to be sold direct from the printer. This eliminated the need to invest much money in a product I have never tried to sell before, and that low overhead made it possible to just give it a shot.

With that, I ordered a modest volume of calendars to have available for sale at my last show of the year, and actually ended up selling out by request before that show even started. Since then, I’ve left the online option open for people to order copies from the printer, and several have emailed me to say they’re very pleased with the results.

I’ve mainly been promoting this online order option through my Facebook page, and last week decided to countdown the final 12 days of 2013 by sharing the images featured for each month of my 2014 calendar, and providing a little behind the scenes story to go along with. Originally the idea was to simply add a few lines describing each photo, but I’ve grown a tad long-winded in my last couple of descriptions and my Facebook posts started to feel more like a blog.

Blog? What’s a bl-… oh yes! My long neglected on- again, off- again attempt at a blog! I know there are still a few of you out there who enjoy seeing these posts, and because of that (despite the lapse in frequency) I refuse to let this thing disappear silently in the night. I hope to resurrect this site again after I get a few projects finished that are currently consuming a lot of my energy and time, but until then why not just add the content I’ve already been posting to Facebook?

Why not indeed!

What I’ll do is start back from the beginning with January, and over the next 12 days share the images that make up my 2014 calendar, and a little story or insight for each. Those of you who also follow on Facebook may have seen some of these before (I’m just going to copy and paste the descriptions) but it will be new to a lot of you. And while I’m doing this more for the simple sake of having blog material, there is ordering information provided at the end of each post, in case anyone is interested.

Here we go…




January’s photo comes from California’s Yosemite National Park. This shot was born of defiance, as it was taken from Valley View, one of the most photographed vantages in Yosemite (or anywhere.) I was turned off by the hordes of photographers elbowing for real estate at this famous location, standing idle as they waited for sunset and the “classic” shot up valley toward El Capitan. Instead of following their lead, I repositioned and turned in the other direction, shifting my attention to these snow-capped rocks and the peaks beyond. The result was this, one of my favorite images from last winter’s travels.


January- Yosemite National Park


Click HERE to preview the entire calendar and to learn about purchasing options. If you order soon, you can take advantage of one of the extra promotions currently being offered by the printer.

You can either…

A) Enter PIC4U in the promo code to purchase one calendar and get a second for half price (one for you and another for a friend!)


B) Enter SHIPSHAPE14 to get free standard shipping on domestic orders. (Don’t be fooled into paying for expedited shipping options, the calendars seem to arrive much faster than advertised.)

Enter the selected code in the promo box at checkout, and be sure to use all caps. Unfortunately they won’t let you combine offers, but it’s still a pretty sweet deal!





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