2014 Calendar Image Countdown- March

Redwood National Park

The image I selected for March was taken in Stout Grove, Redwood National Park, California. I had always wanted to visit the mighty Redwoods, and had long heard and expected it to be a religious experience. I finally got my chance last December and the trip did not disappoint. Although for much of the time I was here the region was being doused in heavy coastal rain, the storm did break for about an hour giving me just enough time to hike through this grove and capture a few pictures. The redwoods are not easy to photograph given their immense size and the challenging deep forest light, but they are an absolute pleasure to see. Definitely one of those places that everyone should visit at least once in their life; but after that first time you’ll realize that just once could never be enough.

March 2014

Again, it’s not too late to order a calendar of your own! (Seriously, these things don’t expire for like another year!!!) Click HERE for a preview and to order direct from the printer, and remember to use one of these promo codes for further discount. You can-

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