2014 Calendar Image Countdown- April

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta


I’ve always been pretty perceptive to subtle changes in light, perhaps slightly more tuned in than those around me. So it was probably a little confusing to my wife when on the first day of our honeymoon I pulled a U-turn in the middle of a rain storm at Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park; and announced I needed to find a place to take a picture… and fast. We’d arrived at the park just an hour before and we were stalling to avoid setting up our tent in the afternoon shower. Although we’d lived just a couple hours away in Montana, this was our first trip to Glacier’s sister park north of the border, and I hadn’t even begun to scout my surroundings. All the same, I realized what was coming and raced to the lakeshore in hopes of composing a shot.

By the time the rainbows appeared I was out of the car and scouring the shoreline for elements to fill out the scene. I found this tree that cast a nice silhouette against the clearing sky and began to fire away. The rainbows were fleeting, visible only for a moment, but long enough for this capture. I couldn’t help but smile as they faded away and I walked back to my vehicle; just as a handful of other photographers converged on the scene.


April 2014


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