2014 Calendar Image Countdown- June

Glacier National Park, Montana


The June image in my 2014 Calendar comes from Glacier National Park, Montana; and features beautiful Grinnell Point cast over Swiftcurrent Lake. Glacier is another of my all time favorite places, and I was very fortunate when living in Whitefish to have been able to visit frequently. Like many other of these truly sacred sites, however, the last visit will never be enough and I’ll keep longing to be back in Glacier until the day I die.



June 2014


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2 thoughts on “2014 Calendar Image Countdown- June

  1. Great picture, Josh. When we traveled through Montana in 1988, my VW Golf broke down just outside Whitefish. There, we found a dealership to fix us up and we met some of the nicest people. We then traveled on to Glacier National Park where we camped for many days. Glacier still remains one of our favorite National Parks. It’s sensational with lots of wildlife. Thanks for bringing this memory back to me. I’m all smiles right now.

    • Absolutely! And it sounds like you guys are about due for a trip back! You pretty much have Whitefish pegged. In 2001 myself and another friend I grew up with here in Iowa decided we needed a change and basically picked Whitefish out of thin air. We’d never been there, just did some very rudimentary research online, loaded our trucks and moved west. We lived out of campgrounds for the first couple of weeks and at times it would have been very easy to turn-tail and run back home; but the combination of wonderful people and beautiful scenery gave us the fight to stay. I ended up landing a job at the local ski resort and bounced back and forth for several years, spending winters in Montana and coming home to work at a greenhouse in Iowa during the summers. Later I moved out there year round, and stayed until my now wife was accepted into grad school at UI.
      It’s nice to be back here now with family and childhood friends, but Whitefish in my heart and mind remains just about the best place in the world. Moving there was one of the best decisions of my life, and being that close to Glacier was a highlight among the many perks. Very, very special place.

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