2014 Calendar Image Countdown- September

September 2014


My August image was shot approximately 1900 miles from where I sit right now. The photo chosen to represent September in my 2014 calendar was more like 1900 meters away.

I found these grey-headed coneflowers in bloom early last fall, in a native prairie seeding on my cousin’s property about three miles west of Tipton, Iowa. I often try to imagine what Iowa looked like a century and a half ago when most of the state was still covered by tall-grass prairie, and entire fields of golden late season blooms glowed in the early autumn light. Unfortunately that is a vision that must be left to imagination and surrendered to time, as today only one tenth of a percent of our original prairie remains.

On a brighter note, though, things are getting better. As we’ve gone to the brink and learned to appreciate the complexity of prairie ecosystems, more and more of these restoration projects are popping up around Iowa and across the Great Plains. Many non-profit and governmental groups are working to return public lands to their original habitat, and many private landowners are recognizing the value of prairie seeding as well.

And it’s not just rural settings that are seeing these positive transformations. Urban landowners are beginning to convert lawns back to prairie as an ecologically and economically sensible approach to property management.

We’ll likely never see a full return to the tall-grass prairie in its original glory (at least for as long as humans are around) but it’s still reassuring to know there are efforts in progress to put some of the pieces back in place.



September 2014



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*Apologies for the lapse in posts. My family has had a very difficult week, with my Grandpa being admitted to the hospital suffering from a number of complications and some pretty uncertain moments. I’m pleased and relieved to say tonight, however, that he seems to be on the mend; and I’ve learned more about life these past few days than I have in quite some time. Watch for posts on the final 2014 calendar images to appear through tomorrow and the weekend- and then next week a chance to clear my mind as I’ll be on the road again.


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