2014 Calendar Image Countdown- November

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


November’s image is another from Utah, taken at Bryce Canyon National Park. Like I mentioned in the prior post from Arches, while I’d been through the region before I’d never done so in winter and was thrilled at the chance to see all the redrock formations under a blanket of snow.

Bryce’s famed “hoodoos,” the towering rock spires that stand sentinel through the canyon make this scene all the more unique. Catching lingering rays of afternoon light even after shadows consume the depths, the beautiful landscape takes an appearance of orange embers aglow.

The only regrets I have regarding this visit (and regret is too strong of a word) would be not having micro-spikes to navigate the icy trails going down into the canyon; and not being able to stick around for sunrise, which is said to provide an even more spectacular show. A better plan for next time, I suppose, but overall I couldn’t have asked more from this stop than to receive the view that I got.


November 2014



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