2014 Calendar Image Countdown- December

Yosemite National Park, California


With the December image I decided to come full circle, back to Yosemite National Park and where this journey through my 2014 Calendar began. I guess a more literal statement would be to say I came half circle (… or maybe a third?) because this photo was also taken from Valley View, only turned askew from my position in the image I shared for January.

(For those wondering, the box to the right provides a location listing for images by month.)

This was another favorite taken during my Tour de California last winter. I of course love the light across the rock face and the drama in the sky, but I also really like the contrast of the snow clinging like lace to the dark riverside trees.

Another cool thing about this photo; you might remember me telling in that January image description about the other photographers who’d clamored at the scene. As the sun set that day it dropped behind a low hanging curtain of clouds, and the anticipated photo ops of El Capitan and Yosemite Valley just didn’t materialize. Most of the other photographers gave up and left, but I lingered for awhile and kept shooting. This view presented itself as the clouds broke just briefly, and fortunately I was still there to catch it. Sometime persistence really does pay off.

I think that’s a good reminder, heading into 2014, and with that a good place to close. I thank all of you who have supported and offered encouragement of my photographic pursuits, and wish you health, peace and happiness for all the year to come.


December 2014


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