Iowa City Fireworks


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take in the fireworks display in downtown Iowa City, celebrating both Independence Day and the end of our annual local jazz festival. It was a really good show, with the fireworks being shot off from Hubbard Park on the University of Iowa campus and exploding in brilliant hues high above the Old Capitol’s golden dome. This was actually one of my first attempts at photographing fireworks with a DSLR camera. While I can see some room for improvement and areas to dial in my settings a bit more, I had a blast shooting these and was overall pretty happy with the results.











6 thoughts on “Iowa City Fireworks

    • Thank you. That composition was kind of born out of necessity, as early in the show there were still a lot of people walking back and forth- passing in front of the camera (thus I had to find a shot that was high and tight.) I think those ended up being my best shots by far.

  1. Josh, nice pictures. Just got back from Iowa City with my wife. They’ve done a nice job over the last 30 years melding the new with the old. Reminded us throughout the day just how nice a town Iowa City is.


  2. Thanks, and yes, it really is a great town. They’re actually planning some improvements to the riverfront in coming years as well, which sound very interesting. At this point I’ve heard a lot of rumors and no concrete or agreed upon master plan, but sounds like some great potential ideas and I’m curious to see what develops. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

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