Photo of the Day Series


I posted a new album to my Facebook page the other day, and wrote this in the description-

“This year, as I build toward my seventh season exhibiting at markets and art shows I am determined to take Josh Meier Photography to new levels. My primary goal is continued growth as a photographer; improving my skill and producing images better than any I’ve put out before. However, I also want to advance in a business sense. I understand that self-publicity, as awkward, corny and unnatural as it may seem is important to any artist who wants to get their work “out there.” I also recognize that social media, as frustrating as it may be (looking at you, Facebook…) can play a key role in such pursuits. Therefore, I’m renewing my commitment to maintaining an online presence- here on Facebook and other platforms (Twitter, Instagram, my blog and website) as well.

With that in mind I’m starting a new “Photo of the Day” feature on this page. Each day I’ll add a different image to this album. Some may be new releases, others old favorites; some will be high quality images and others more relevant for their story or just for fun. I’ll try to include descriptions with each that lend a little extra pertinence to the posts. I’m not sure how far I’ll run with this, but as of now my goal is to post everyday through the month of February, evaluate the response, and decide where to go from there.

As always, feedback in any form- shares, comments and likes- will be very much appreciated. These interactions not only provide insight as to how my work is being received, they insure that others will see my posts as well.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!”

As anyone who has followed my online efforts can attest (especially with this blog, if there are any of you left…) my posts have waned over the past few years. There have been many reasons for this. It has been due in part to the frustration of trying to be seen and annoyance with the whole social media game, along with a shortage of time- and predictably those factors feed off of each other quite a bit. But I’m determined this year to renew my efforts, and posting a Photo of the Day to my Facebook page seemed like a simple way to get things rolling.

This morning as I was preparing my third post in this series I realized the description I was typing was growing a bit lengthy. “Come on, this isn’t a blog,” I thought to myself. “Post it and be done…” 

Then it occurred to me. Why couldn’t it be a blog post? I like to take a moment sometimes to add a little extra description to my photos on Facebook to reward anyone willing to take the time to read it. So if I’m going to take the time to select a photo and write a description, why not share it here as well? Doing so will also allow me an easier way to share the content to Twitter… a third bird with the same stone, so to speak.

I do still plan to give this blog more attention with its own original content in the weeks and months ahead. However, I’m also going to take advantage of my efforts on Facebook to cross-post and at least get something up here on a daily basis. Hopefully it will help gain a little traction and expand my reach a little more.

With that, here are the photos from my first two entries (I started this series February 1) along with descriptions. I’ll share todays in a post of it’s own.


February 1-

It’s Caucus Day here in Iowa, and the eyes of the nation are upon us! This is an exciting time for our state, not only in carrying our tradition of setting the tone for the presidential race with our first in the nation status, but it means that after tonight we can finally catch a break from all of the political ads and campaign calls! (They’re your problem now, New Hampshire!)

This image, while not seasonally accurate, seems appropriate for such a historic day. It’s a photo of the William Boyd Allison Monument on the State Capitol grounds in Des Moines. Boyd was a long-time Senator and Congressman who served during every presidency from Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt (an undeniable example of an Iowan with great influence during our nations transformative years.)

The monument itself depicts a central figure sitting atop a throne to symbolize The Republic, flanked by three statues on either side. Those on the left represent ideals of Peace, and on the right, seen here marching toward the Capitols golden dome, symbols of Knowledge.

Let’s hope we can live up to this example tonight, and (despite what some of the polls predict) Iowans demonstrate our true values and a little wisdom in the Caucuses… Again, the eyes of the nation are upon us!


February 2

Today’s photo is of an oak at sunrise, taken on my Dad’s farm in Cedar County, Iowa. I’ve always loved this tree and I especially like this view in it’s winter form as dawn accentuates the thousands of little bare branches, resolute against a frigid sky.

This is a good reminder for most of us in Iowa today to follow the oaks lead and find our resolve. The weather here is just downright nasty as a much hyped storm has arrived with mixed results. Here west of Tipton we have a slushy mess, barely above freezing with howling wind and driving rain. Just to the north they’re experiencing blizzard conditions- more hazardous driving but I’m guessing a much prettier view!

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Whatever the case, try to enjoy it; and if you’re traveling through this storm, stay safe out there!


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