Starved Rock State Park


February 3-

Today we have a scene from across the river in the Land of Lincoln. I shot this frozen waterfall last March in the St. Louis Canyon of Starved Rock State Park, Illinois. Some might be surprised to learn that we have waterfalls in the Midwest, but there are a few around if you know where to look- and Starved Rock is a great place to start!

The park, located near Utica and about an hour from Chicago’s western expanse, boasts a handful of waterfalls and miles of scenic hiking trails which course through beautiful forest and lead to a series of box canyons. While some contain waterfalls that are only seasonal in nature, others (as seen here) maintain a year-round presence and freeze solid during the depths of winter.

I’ve only recently re-discovered Starved Rock and realized the fortune of my relative proximity to this photographic gem. I plan to get back over there a few more times again this year, and hopefully this will include at least one visit before the spring thaw!


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