Bryce Canyon National Park


February 4-

Todays photo is a scene from Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Bryce Canyon, like much of Southern Utah, offers views of a phenomenal landscape and is one of those special places everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. While beautiful any time of the year, this park is especially magical in winter as white snow laces the red rock providing a contrasting accent to the “hoodoos.” These geologic wonders (hoodoos are the tall spires you see within the canyon) form as a result of hundreds of years of erosion, primarily as rock breaks away through the freeze-thaw cycle.

This photo was taken at sunset as the last of the suns rays illuminated the canyon. I’m told that sunrise is equally spectacular, if not more so. I’ve been to Bryce Canyon twice now, but unfortunately my timing and schedule have never allowed me to be here at dawn. I’d like to rectify that, and it stands as just another bulletpoint on my long list of reasons to get back to Utah again soon.


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