Appalachian Trail, Maine


February 5-

Today’s shot comes from the 100 Mile Wilderness, along the Appalachian Trail in Maine. It’s an oldie, taken in October of 2009 back in my point and shoot days, but still one of my all time favorites.

It’s been a few years now since my last long hike, and lately when I find myself getting caught up in local drama and turmoil in the news I find my mind drifting to fantasies of once again slipping off to the wilderness and walking away from it all. Something changes in a person when they experience a long distance hike- carrying only the essentials and focused on only the basics, you realize how much is truly superficial back in the “civilized” world. It’s really hard to readjust after the hike is over, especially when you’ve been out for months on end. In time you readapt to the daily grind and all of the pettiness of society, but you never really feel at ease. In the recesses of your mind and in the depths of your heart, you know there’s a better way…


2 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail, Maine

    • Thanks Marty! Yes, the OHT is definitely on my radar, both for hiking and photography. So far I’ve only managed a quick afternoon day hike a couple years ago while passing through the area. I hope to sneak down there for at least a long weekend sometime soon; and would love to do a thru-hike one day.

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