Redwood National Park


February 6-
Good morning! Enjoy this scene from Redwood National Park in California…

Just a quick post for you today, and a suitable image which I feel reflects a calling for exploration. I’m heading out in a few minutes for a much needed weekend photo get-away; a couple hours northeast to a snowier side of Iowa and hopefully some great winter shots from Effigy Mounds and Yellow River State Forest. It’s an area I’ve been visiting for years but generally during the warmer months, so I’m anxious to strap on the old snowshoes and see things in a different light.

I’ll certainly be posting the results here on Facebook and to my blog soon, but for more instant play by play you can check out my Instagram feed (@JoshMeierPhotography) I’m trying to find ways to kind of differentiate each of my social media accounts, making each unique from the others, so my Instagram contains pretty raw behind the scenes iphone shots; kind of a “where is he now” travel log sort of theme, while the photos I post on other media will be more polished images taken with my DSLR. Give me a follow and let me know what you think.

Alright, I need to hit the road. Have a great weekend everybody!


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