Dunnings Springs


February 8-

Just back from a weekend trip to Northeast Iowa with barely enough time to do a quick edit and share this image before racing off to work. This photo was taken Saturday afternoon at Dunnings Springs Park just outside of Decorah. I’d been wanting to check this place out for some time, finally had the opportunity this weekend, and am certainly glad I did.

All in all the trip went well. I haven’t really gotten to review everything yet but feel that while I probably didn’t shoot any earth-shattering images, I may have grabbed a couple of decent photos here and there. One really good thing about it was it gave me the chance to get out and scout a few places I’d never been before. The conditions weren’t necessarily ideal during this visit but I could see great potential and have some new locations in mind to return to at different times of the year.

I think Dunnings Spring falls into that category. I’d like to get back at a time with a slightly stronger flow, perhaps this spring with the snowmelt. I do think that the existing snow enhances this picture, so maybe if we had a couple weeks of warm temperatures followed by a late winter storm in March or April I’d be in business! It is a two and a half hour drive away… but I’ll keep an eye on the weather, just in case!


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