The Old Bull


February 7-

It’s Super Bowl Sunday (can I even say that without paying royalties?) and once again this year my Chicago Bears are deep in hibernation. Since Carolina is probably one of my least favorite teams I guess I’ll be rooting for the Broncos; and figured to mark this occasion, why not share a photo of a Denver area resident? (I know, it’s a stretch…)

I photographed this guy a couple of years ago on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park. The elk were in rut and he was grazing with his harem of cows. It was fascinating to watch the way they interacted, and especially exciting when a younger bull approached. This one began to bristle before the potential challenger even came into sight, and lit off through the forest ready to fight at first glimpse of the approaching rival.

Let’s hope that old stag Peyton Manning has a little fight left in him today, and is ready to stand tall in the face of challenge.

Enjoy the game, everybody!

(Originally posted to my Facebook page on Sunday afternoon, February 7. Technical issues caused a delay in sharing the post here on my blog… But hey, the Broncos won!)



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