Yellow River State Forest


February 9-

Well I’m just getting started on my edits from the trip I took over the weekend and will likely be sharing some winter scenes from Yellow River State Forest in the days ahead. Today, however, I thought it might be nice to offer a slightly warmer glimpse from that same location. It is afterall -5 with the windchill here today, so a little splash of color might be good for the soul.

I took this photo last May, along the bank of Little Paint Creek. Initially I thought the flower was a type of phlox, but upon closer look it only has four petals while phlox has five. Dames Rocket, perhaps? (Anybody up on their plant ID’s, be sure to let me know!)

Regardless of the flower it serves a good reminder… Hang in there, fellow Iowans. Views like this are ONLY three months away!


4 thoughts on “Yellow River State Forest

  1. thanks Josh we definitely need a splash of color and a tease of spring. thank you for posting the daily pictures. I look forward to daily reminders to appreciate the beauty of nature.

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