Happy Birthday, Mom!


February 10-

Okay, so I rarely shoot portraits and I’m generally horrified by the notion of sharing my attempts, but today is an exception as this post goes out to a special birthday girl- my Mom, Vickie Meier.

She’s a woman who has always opened her heart and unselfishly given everything she has to provide for her family’s every whim. She taught us how to live and how to give unconditional love; and at times I can’t help but step back and marvel at the joy she brings her grandchildren, now teaching them the same. (Pictured here is my niece Melayna, one of her Grandma’s biggest fans…)

I could go on and on, but I know she’ll probably read this on her afternoon break and I don’t want to make her cry at work. Instead, I’ll just say Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you with all my heart and will be forever in debt for all that you’ve given and all you continue to do…


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. Yes son, I am crying here at work. Your words are always so beautiful no matter what you are writing about. My family is my life and thank you for capturing pieces of this amazing journey. Love Mom

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