New Feature Coming Soon…


February 12-

Okay, so here’s another post that will probably be more sentimental than exciting, but it’s my sister Tiffany’s birthday and I kind of feel obligated. After all, when I used a photo of her daughter to wish my Mom a happy birthday earlier this week, she made a point of straight up asking why she hasn’t “gotten any of these?” Yeah Tiff, hint taken… (Alright, so maybe she was referring to the actual picture, not a dedicated Photo of the Day post. But due to the fact that she still owes me like eleven years worth of back babysitting payments, I’m withholding all kids pics. She gets this instead.)

In all honesty, Tiffany has been one of my biggest supporters and really instrumental in helping to get my photography business off the ground. She helped make the arrangements for my first Iowa City Farmers Market appearance (where this all began) and has often stepped in to work my booth and keep sales going while I’m doing other shows or out on the road. It’s only fitting that I take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday, Sis, and thanks for always being by my side!

Tiffany has also begun pursuing her own artistic ventures, helping to teach classes with Creative Spirits in Tipton, selling her personal work at shops in West Branch, taking individual orders and dabbling in the occassional art show as well. Watch for her out and about on the Eastern Iowa scene, or leave a message in the comments if you’d like to learn more about her work.

The photo seen here is from a show we did together last summer. It was a start-up art fair with low entry fees, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for Tiff to kind of get her feet wet and learn the ropes. I helped her figure out her display, then stepped back and watched as she sold more in the first five minutes than I would all weekend! Sadly, that’s not saying much for either of us- it was just another notch on the belt, and one of those shows that you learn from and move on.

I’ll soon be writing more about such lessons in a new feature on this blog; giving a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like to try selling your work at markets, festivals and fairs. People often assume that it’s an effortless and carefree way to earn a living, but that really couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve stumbled through the process, six seasons now, and managed to find both my share of humility and success. If you or someone you know has ever thought about trying this for yourself but don’t quite know where to begin, stay tuned. I’ll try to offer a few tips, ideas on how to get started, and provide some insight as to what you might expect along the way.


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