Apostle Islands Ice Caves


February 13-

Today’s photo comes from Apostle Islands National Lakeshoe in Northern Wisconsin. I shot this almost two years ago to the day, when the “ice caves” phenomenon enticed thousands of visitors to Lake Superiors frozen shore.

This (taken in 2014) was the first time in five years that the lake froze sufficiently enough to allow safe travel across its surface and provided access to the mainland sea caves. Usually only approachable by boat in the summer, this gave visitors a unique glimpse of the caves in their winter form; majestically adorned with ice and snow. It was a truly amazing site and an experience I will never forget!

I actually wrote a pretty extensive series of blog posts describing this visit. If you’re up for a read, or want to see a whole bunch of my ice caves photos, check out the links below.

Apostle Islands Ice Caves, Part 1
Apostle Islands Ice Caves, Part 2
Lost in a Crowd: The Ice Caves Phenomenon


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