Pine Creek Grist Mill


February 21-

Might as well keep with this weekends theme and thoughts of warmer days…

This shot comes from the Pine Creek Grist Mill at Wildcat Den State Park, just outside of Muscatine, Iowa. The mill was built in 1848 and served the purpose of grinding wheat and corn. It is believed to be the oldest of its kind still in its original location between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, and also the only original bridge/mill combination still standing in Iowa. (This photo was taken from the bridge, which itself was constructed in 1878.)

I have a few photos from Wildcat Den in my sales rotation, and am regularly surprised when people from the East Central Iowa area reveal that they’ve never heard of it. It’s really a great park with some nice hiking, and between the mill and an old one room school house (also on site) there is some really cool history on display.

Seriously, if you’ve never been there make time to visit soon. And if you have, I’m sure nobody needs to twist your arm to go again!


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