Dunnings Springs


February 25-

Today’s shot is another taken earlier this month at Dunnings Springs just outside of Decorah, Iowa.

As I mentioned in my February 8 post with a different image from the same location, I think this photo could have been a little more dynamic had the water flow been a bit stronger. You would have more of the white areas of motion blur to fill the center of the frame and make things more interesting. Then again, it might have also made it a bit harder to get this shot as I may have been less inclined to wade out into the water on this 20 degree day, and tripod stability would also have been a challenge.

All told, I spent about two hours at Dunnings Springs on this afternoon, and shot the scene from about every angle I could find. That left me with several hundred images to sift through, and the good news is that after some initial edits I’ve narrowed it down to about 183 shots! The not-so-good news then of course is I have a long way to go, and will continue to compare and contrast fine details until I have narrowed it down to maybe a dozen photos. From there I’ll do a series of trial prints (things always look different on the computer screen than on paper) and hopefully come up with one or two keepers in the group. As I work through this process, chances are you’ll see more versions of Dunnings Springs to come.


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