The Ute Trail


March 2-

For everyone else out there who daydreams of dropping everything and wandering off for awhile, today we have a scene from Rocky Mountain National Park. This photo was taken along the Ute Trail, which I hiked a few miles of one afternoon in October of 2014. As I wrote at the time…

“This ancient pathway was once used by Native Americans (Utes and Arapahoe) to traverse the region and cross the Continental Divide. In addition to the joy of walking above treeline and savoring 360 degree panoramic views, it is always a powerful experience to know that you are following in the footsteps of the ancients. It’s just humbling to lose sight of the road and realize that you’ve entered a realm that has gone unchanged since moccasins blazed the trail; to sense something sacred in the wind and share a moment with the spirits of old…”

Happy Wednesday, everyone. I hope despite the daily grind you’re finding ways to tap into the energy that feeds your soul. And if not, try taking a couple hours to venture alone into nature; reconnect with yourself and what’s important along your favorite trail.


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