Chequamegon National Forest, WI


March 18-

I went digging pretty deep back into the archives for this 2011 shot from Northern Wisconsin. This is one I’ve long overlooked and pretty much forgotten about because when I originally processed it, it turned out much darker. However, with a little renewed attention and four plus years of improved Lightroom developing skills, I was able to rework it and bring out some more color and detail in the shadows- and at least salvage a decent shot worth sharing.

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t even have a computer with digital editing software until 2012, and I still have files from trips that I took just prior to that which were shot in RAW and never processed. That might not mean anything to many of you, but it’s sort of the equivalent of having rolls of film from vacations you took 5 years ago that you never had developed. I vaguely know what’s there, but would probably be surprised if I could just find the time to run through some edits. The small success I found in reworking this shot kind of reminded me of that and made me eager to go through some of that older work before I start to get busy with shows again. That, and it REALLY made me want to get back to the Northwoods of Wisconsin‚Ķ what a beautiful place!

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