Mono Lake


March 28-

I’ve long been fascinated by other worldly images captured on the shores of Mono Lake near Lee Vining, California. With vistas across the ancient lake basin to distant mountains and the odd mineral deposits known as tufas jutting from the water and lining the lakeshore, photographic opportunities abound. I finally got the chance to visit in the fall of 2014 while participating in Gary Hart’s Eastern Sierra Workshop, and as you can see on the evening this was shot we were blessed with placid waters and pastel colors at dusk. It was a very enjoyable shoot, one of my favorite evenings of the entire workshop (and though it hasn’t performed so great sales-wise, this is personally one of my favorite photos from that trip as well.) I look forward to one day revisiting Mono Lake as I believe it’s the kind of place that can drastically change in appearance based on conditions; and I would love to get a shot contrasting this one with a storm rolling off the nearby Sierra.


As mentioned in yesterdays blog post, I’m doing a bit of an experiment this week. I’m trying to figure how it is that my WordPress analytics always seem to show that I get more “likes” on posts than I do actual views. With that in mind, I’m asking anyone who actually reads the posts to chime in and let me know that you’ve done so, simply by leaving a brief comment below. Don’t be shy, again, you can just type “Yes, I read it,” and be done; or you can offer your own thoughts or experiences if you care to elaborate. Check out my post from yesterday for further information (similar to this one, you have to read down a couple of paragraphs to get to the details,) and thanks for visiting my site!


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