Bryce Canyon National Park


Today’s shot comes from Bryce Canyon in beautiful Southwest Utah. I shot this one in early 2013 and really like the repeating pattern in the photo of fins and hoodoos, contrasting with the shadows of the canyon and glowing orange in the late afternoon sun. As I’ve mentioned before, Bryce Canyon is said to be as spectacular at sunrise as it is sunset. I’ve yet to visit here in the early morning, but I definitely want to. It also offers some really unique hiking, another venture I long to experience but in my limited visits have only had time to barely scratch the surface.

In short, I desperately want to get back to Bryce Canyon, and I hope on my next visit I can give it the time it deserves. It’s crazy how the more I travel not only does the list of new places I want to see grow, but the list of those I want to return to does as well!


As mentioned in previous posts, this week I’m conducting a little experiment. I’m trying to figure how it is that my WordPress analytics always seem to show that I get more “likes” on posts than I do actual views. With that in mind, I’m asking anyone who actually reads the posts to chime in and let me know that you’ve done so, simply by leaving a brief comment below. Don’t be shy, again, you can just type “Yes, I read it,” and be done; or you can offer your own thoughts or experiences if you care to elaborate. Check out my post from yesterday for further information (similar to this one, you have to read down a couple of paragraphs to get to the details,) and thanks for visiting my site!


10 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park

    • Absolutely Marie. Twice now to Bryce for me, and maybe five or six times to Arches- which is one of my favorite National Parks. So much beauty out there begging to be explored!

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