Maroon Bells


This sun-soaked mountain scene comes from the Maroon Bells Wilderness of White River National Forest, just south of Aspen, Colorado. The Maroon Bells (the peaks on the right) are said to be the most photographed location in Colorado, and by some accounts possibly even all of North America. The vast majority of these photos depict sunrise reflections of the mountains on Maroon Lake; a gorgeous sight and what I had come to witness myself. (See photo below.) However, with the need to get to the lakeshore around 3 a.m. to stake out real estate (literally hundreds of photographers line the shore each morning during peak season) I arrived the afternoon before and spent some time scouting. It’s always kind of nice to visit well known “trophy shot” type locations like this in less than ideal light, because it forces you to look around, work different angles and take your own approach instead of shooting the obvious standard vantage that has been done thousands of times over. I did enjoy the more traditional Maroon Bells shoot the following morning and was pleased with the results, but was also happy to walk away with a handful of photos like this one which I felt were a little more my own.


As mentioned in previous posts, this week I’m conducting a little experiment. I’m trying to figure how it is that my WordPress analytics always seem to show that I get more “likes” on posts than I do actual views. With that in mind, I’m asking anyone who actually reads the posts to chime in and let me know that you’ve done so, simply by leaving a brief comment below. Don’t be shy, again, you can just type “Yes, I read it,” and be done; or you can offer your own thoughts or experiences if you care to elaborate. Check out my post from yesterday for further information (similar to this one, you have to read down a couple of paragraphs to get to the details,) and thanks for visiting my site!


And here is the more famous view of the Maroon Bells…



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