2016 Honorable Mentions

After years of gawking and admiring from the shadows, I’ve decided to finally participate in the annual Jim Goldstein “Best of…” photo project. This is a really cool opportunity for photographers to showcase their work while networking, discovering, and drawing inspiration from that of others. It’s a pretty simple concept. Each year, photographers submit what they feel are their best 5-10 images from the preceding 12 months. Mr. Goldstein then compiles a list of all of the photographers who have submitted, and posts links to their galleries or blogs. Photo lovers can then spend hours or even days clicking through the many excellent showcases; marveling at all of the beautiful captures.
As I’ve tried this past week to select what I feel are my years best images, I’ve realized that this in itself is no easy feat. I’ve been pretty fortunate this year in getting to travel to some amazing places and I’ve taken in some truly wondrous sights. It’s difficult to narrow the thousands of resultant photos down to so few, especially with the emotion of experience involved. I think I’ve finally settled on my selection, and I’ll be sharing that post on New Years Eve. However, it has been awhile since I’ve released any new work (online, anyway…) or written on this blog, so as a little primer here is a collection of 2016 images that were in heavy consideration, but finished just outside of my top ten.


Little Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California


Rock Creek, Cedar County, Iowa


Starved Rock State Park, Illinois


Matthiessen State Park, Illinois


Lanesboro, Minnesota


Glacier National Park, Montana


Banff National Park, Alberta


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Swift River, New Hampshire


Acadia National Park, Maine


3 thoughts on “2016 Honorable Mentions

    • Thanks Tamara! I’ve been enjoying your work as well. I saw your post the other day and have honestly been struggling with some of the same- always trying to find that balance between working to build a successful photography business without letting all of the distractions of social media, SEO, etc. get in the way of the pure joy of photography. I haven’t figured it out yet, of course, but just feel like you have to put that passion first, and when those other factors threaten to deprive you of that, they’re not worth the hassle. Easier said than done, I know, but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in that frustration!

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