Best of 2016

For the past few years I have enjoyed following along with what has become an annual tradition for many photographers, the Jim Goldstein “Best of… Photo Project.” This is an opportunity for hobbyists, serious amateurs, and professionals alike to reflect on their work and experiences of the past year and to share a sampling (usually what they feel are their 5-10 best or favorite images) with the rest of us. It’s also a chance for photo lovers to discover new talents, make new friends, and join in camaraderie for networking and inspiration. Each season I look on with great appreciation for those who have shared their collections, and honestly every year for the past several I’ve had the intention of doing the same. You know how it goes, though. The holidays hit, I finally have a chance to catch my breath after a busy show season, I’m generally months behind in my edits; and somehow I manage to let the opportunity slip away. Until now, that is…

Somehow this year I am a just little more on top of things, at least in a photography sense. Now don’t let that fool you. I still have a couple thousand images from trips this summer and fall (Northern Rockies and New England) that I need to finish processing, and do believe there are a few gems in there that would have been included here if they were ready. I only disclose that because I don’t want any of my regular readers to grow concerned- in no way have I suddenly become organized or managed to entirely catch up! But I am at a point where I feel comfortable contributing this collection as a fair representation of my work from the past year. For good measure, I also put together an Honorable Mention series, which was posted the other night and can be viewed HERE. It’s never an easy task, selecting your favorite images, and even now I feel like maybe some of those should be swapped out for some of the shots you see here; but it’s all in fun so I’ll let the original selections stand.

That said, here is my inaugural contribution to the Jim Goldstein Photo Project. Many thanks to Mr. Goldstein for the great work he does in putting this together. Like I say, I’ve enjoyed looking on for years and am grateful for this chance to throw my work into the mix. And for anyone interested, once the submissions are gathered a list will be compiled with links to all of the entries. I’ll pass that along here and through my social media channels- so look for that in the coming weeks and prepare to be amazed by some of the awesome work that this project elicits.

And now, in chronological order, my Top 10 images of 2016…


Tidal Stream, Newport Beach, California


The Watchman, Zion National Park, Utah


Old Barn, Yellow River State Forest, Iowa


Starved Rock State Park, Illinois


Malanaphy Springs State Preserve, Iowa


Lake Macbride State Park, Iowa


The University of Iowa, Iowa City


Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana


Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta


Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine


Of course, with the reflection of a year passed it’s only natural to look ahead at what’s to come. 2017 is going to bring great change to my life, as my wife and I prepare to welcome our first child in just a few short weeks. What will this mean for my photography? Only time will tell. But while travel will certainly be limited and other priorities will soon dictate my day-to-day, I do intend to carry on in some capacity. I’ve always been a strong believer in living and leading by example, and I want my child to understand the necessity of passion and perseverance in life. When it comes to career success, nature photography is no easy gig. But I’m going to keep trying; keep working hard to improve and fighting to find a way- if for no reason other than proving to my child that we never give up on our dreams.

Happy New Years, Everyone!


5 thoughts on “Best of 2016

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  2. Excellent selections Josh. It looks like you were treated to some amazing light in the Rockies. Thanks for submitting to my year end “Best Photos of the Year” blog project. I hope you take part again and found value in the exercise. My best to you in 2017!

    • Thanks so much, Jim. I’ve always enjoyed these posts and thank you so much for the work you do in organizing it all. Already working on material for next year! The best to you as well.

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