Josh Meier Photography Best of 2017

Well here we are again, New Years Eve, always a time for both reflection and intent. And for photographers it’s an occasion to dream of shoots in the year to come, and to look back on work from the one about to pass. One thing I’ve really come to look forward to at this time each year is Jim Goldstein’s annual Best Photos of the Year blog project. In this, Jim invites anyone who wishes to participate to create a blog post highlighting 5-10 of their favorite images from the year, then graciously compiles a list of submissions, linking back to each photographers work. It’s a wonderful opportunity for networking and a chance to see some of the truly amazing photography that people are putting out year after year.

While I’ve enjoyed viewing submissions to Jim’s project from the shadows for several seasons now, last winter was the first I actually contributed myself. And finding it difficult to narrow my favorites down to a list of ten, I ended up creating one post with my Favorites from 2016, and a second with Honorable Mentions. (Click HERE and HERE to view those.) This year, over abundance was not a problem…

2017 brought some really big changes as in January we welcomed our first child, our son Caden. Life has been an absolute whirlwind since. Somehow I managed to keep up with weekly market appearances and had only a slight drop off in the number of art shows I did, but finding time to get out and shoot was a different story. It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I’m guessing 2017 allowed me less than 40 hours of actual time in the field. While I did get out to Northern California for a family trip and was able to sneak a few shoots in, the rest of my efforts have been concentrated very close to home. Generally within 30 miles (and in some cases closer to 30 steps!) from my backdoor. That’s life with a newborn, and you just have to take what you can get. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t capture a few shots that I’m pretty proud of.

With all of this in mind, and since many viewers who find this via link from Jim’s blog will already be familiar with the more iconic western scenes from California, I thought that this year it might be fun to share all Iowa images for this project. It’s always a goal of mine anyhow to show people (or remind those who live here) of the natural beauty that, contrary to stereotypes, we are blessed to have here in the Hawkeye State. All images below come from Eastern Iowa, and in fact, all were shot in Cedar or Johnson County.

So without further ado, I submit my favorite images of 2017…


Cedar River, Cedar County


Cedar River, Cedar County


Meier Family Farm, Cedar County


220th Street, Tipton


Morse Road, Cedar County


Lake Macbride State Park, Johnson County


273rd Street, Tipton


Coralville Reservoir, Johnson County


Rock Creek, Cedar County


Thanks so much to Jim Goldstein for all of the work he puts into organizing this project every year. I know a lot of people really enjoy it, and his efforts are greatly appreciated!

Just as this past year brought big changes, 2018 looks to have more in store. But I’m feeling more inspired than ever, and look forward to getting back to shooting with much greater frequency, and re-establishing my online presence too. I’m always eager to connect with other photographers or nature lovers, so look me up on any of these social media platforms.

Facebook- Josh Meier Photography
Instagram- Josh Meier Photography
Twitter- Josh Meier Photo


Oh, okay, I can’t resist… Here’s one more…


Happy New Year Everyone!


One thought on “Josh Meier Photography Best of 2017

  1. Staying close to home isn’t all bad. My first place photo at the 2017 Iowa State Fair was taken less than a mile from my home. Just think of it as a challenge such as a sunrise or sunset not working out and so you work with whatever nature gives you. Or shooting with only one lens, something I do quite often. Here’s to 2018!

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